Seen on Selectism, via the Colette newsletter: Stockholm perfume house Byredo will release a cologne in collaboration with Fantastic Man. The scent will include notes of incense, bergamot, vetiver, lavender and patchouli. Selectism reports that the fragrance will be a Colette exclusive, available March 9th, although a press release from last year had reported plans to release in New York, presumably at Barneys.

So, once again, Monocle seems to be leading a sort of revolution in publishing. Even the big boys, like Newsweek, are hitching up to their cart with their planned re-design. It remains to be seen if the kind of branding that works for Monocle will translate to the publishing giants, but Fantastic Man certainly fits the mold.

Oh, that’s right — the Colette newsletter also includes a sneak peek of the new issue, featuring Bret Easton Ellis on the cover working on what appears to be a Diet Coke. This should be good — if any magazine can steer away from the lazy “coke diet to Diet Coke” profile of the Less than Zero/American Psycho author long enough to mine for something more interesting, it’s Fantastic Man.

That said, here’s a clip from the movie adaptation of Easton Ellis’ Rules of Attraction, just for fun. Parental discretion advised.

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