French label Kitsuné has tapped Phoenix to curate the second in a series of mixes they’ve dubbed Tabloid, out on March 23.

Tabloid No. 1, released last year, was a summer-y list of the new-and-hip compiled by Kitsuné-signed dance-punk duo Digitalism. Phoenix’s contribution, by contrast, is more of a true old-school, vinyl-hoarding music-lovers list, mixing new standards with old classics reaching back to the fifties and sixties.

This is a smart move for a label like Kitsuné known for promoting so-called ‘blog-house’ artists, a term for the digital era that speaks to the here-and-gone quality of dancey new singles and artists that rapidly make the Internet rounds and are just as quickly tossed-aside. There’s no question of staying power here. Tabloid by Phoenix looks like a chronic mixtape-maker’s list; a real High Fidelity list.


I hadn’t heard of Phoenix until singer Thomas Mars’ girlfriend found a spot for the band’s infectious single ‘Too Young‘ in her movie Lost in Translation. And even though we in the U.S. may not have known about Phoenix until Miss Coppola (or, more recently, Entourage) introduced us, the tracklist shows these boys  were raised on American pop and R&B. Opening with Kiss, closing with Lou Reed and sandwiching D’Angelo in the middle — yeah, they definitely know what they’re doing.

Check here for a few tracks, including their Elvis Costello entry once nominated by Radiohead as a song they would have shot into space on the Voyager Space Probe to sum up human life.

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