Cory Arcangel Makes Nerdy Girls Cry Through Awesome, Videogame Inspired Art

A man after my own heart, Brooklyn-based artist Cory Arcangel is a conduit to the world of two of my favorite things – art and videogames. Arcangel’s interactive and video works are at once nostalgic and progressive, reflective of the relationship between culture and technology. His often interactive, mostly nostalgic works present modified versions of existing multimedia entities, such as videogames or short films. Super Mario Clouds (pictured above, video below), my personal favorite, is currently being featured at the Whitney Museum of American Art, in an exhibition called Synthetic.


Another of Arcangel’s video game inspired works, I Shot Andy Warhol, is actually a reworking of the 1984 Nintendo classic Hogan’s Alley. Where in the original, the player had to avoid shooting innocent civilians while hitting the target-marked “bad guys,” the Arcangel version instead encourages players to shoot three different, pixelated versions of Andy Warhol, sparing the lives of Col. Sanders, Flavor Flav, and The Pope.


For more information on Cory Arcangel, as well as downloadable versions of some of his modified games, visit his internet portfolio at the Beige Records website.

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