Spike Jonze – a quick montage

Thanks to Kohn’s post referencing director Spike Jonze’s video for Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You,’ here are a couple oldies but goodies that are uniquely Jonze.


Back in 2005, The Gap, in an effort to respond to branding problems that have been well documented commissioned Jonze to direct a TV spot announcing Gap store renovations. Ultimately, Gap execs decided not to run it beyond a few test markets. What do you think? Their loss?


Here’s another quick one, a spot Jonze put together for Ikea in 2002. It sits somewhere between cute and brilliant — distinctly Spike’s niche. There’s not much more to be said that Rob Walker of the New York Times Magazine doesn’t address in his ad wrap-up for Slate. Word to the wise — watch first, read second.


And from 2003, the classic: Yeah Right! for Girl Skateboards. Ever wanted to see Owen Wilson take on a rail? Seeing is believing…right?

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