As even mid-level mainstays like Domino have begun folding, it’s an act of courage right now to launch a new publication. Annie here at the shop turned us on to this one: Boho, from the same people behind the smart and stylish science-culture magazine Seed, is a fashion rag for the new hippie sect. And here’s the kicker: Boho goes a long way towards walking the talk as the first fashion publication to be printed on 100% recycled paper, shipped in recycled packaging and printed with recycled inks. A fashion non-glossy? It’s a risk right now, as enviro-minded marketing isn’t the sure sell it once was, but that says everything about Boho’s devotion to the ideal.

Understandably, you’ve probably felt a mixture of skepticism and apathy whenever the word “green” has come up in the last year. This is due in part to the type of generational attitude shift the late David Foster Wallace put perfectly into words as part of his now-legendary coverage of John McCain’s 2000 campaign for Rolling Stone in order to explain why we, young people in America, even against our better judgment, simply stopped caring:

“The science of sales and marketing was still in its drooling infancy in 1961 when Kennedy was saying “Ask not…” The young people he inspired had not been skillfully marketed to all their lives. They knew nothing of Spin. They were not totally, terribly familiar with salesmen.”

Even though we know we should care and even when we want to trust, we’ve simply been green’ed-out. That’s when everything else needs to kick in and, in the case of Boho, the content and the look are on the mark. Yes, it’s tough to tell the genuine ones from the pretenders even when we can summon enough earnestness to care, but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck — well, let’s just say we’ve got high hopes for this one.

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