White Lies – To Lose My Life

The re-birth of Joy Division? It takes a lot to make that leap. Their album, To Lose My Life, just debuted at number 1 in the UK. Maybe it’s all about right time, right place.

For me, the realization came in two parts. First, a recent post by Jake Davis. Forgive the overload, but the man raises a good point:

“To walk into every “cool” restaurant, boutique, and club and continually hear Substance is kind of… not that “cool” anymore. Is it possible to kill an artist twice? I’m not saying don’t throw Transmission into the mix every couple hours but for the past five years they’ve been the dominant sound of the hip. Ian is tired… Let him sleep for a little bit…”

Second, a recent viewing of Control, the Ian Curtis biopic by Anton Corbijn. Maybe that’s the power of cinema, especially when someone disappears into the role as fully as Sam Riley — to help you realize you’ve been missing something or someone all this time, and maybe you’d forgotten just how much.

White Lies, from out of West London, may not be Joy Division but what they do captures that spirit and brings it into the modern age. A British rock band covering ‘Love Lockdown‘ on the BBC? This is definitely something new…

Click over to their Myspace to watch a short film that pulls together clips from their singles (‘Unfinished Business,’ ‘Death,’ ‘Lose My Life’), moody, romantic camerawork and brooding male/female voiceovers into something much bigger.

And as a sign that the creative ones tend to stick together no matter the medium, follow the links to beautiful videos for ‘Death‘ and ‘Lose My Life‘ directed by Andreas Nilsson (his resume includes filmwork for Jose Gonzales whose song ‘Heartbeats’ graces the Fallon Bravia ad from yesterday’s post).

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