INTERVIEW: A day with MDS, Continued.

The logical continuation from last Tuesday’s trip through the definitively/purposefully non-sensible streets of Haight & Ashbury comes a humbly sensible inner reflective of our guest MDS. As the rabbit hole suggests, one must regress in order to progress. Please also stay tuned to other GEDDEM Interviews. If you are interested to be interviewed by GEDDEM please contact us.

GDM: Your background?
MDS: Born in rural Southern Taiwan in 1947. Even as a kid I was into art. Just always saw things a little differently. Put myself through 1969, Taiwan Shida University, Fine Arts Department with first honors in oils, watercolor, and graphic design. Then, exchanged 8 years for 2,500 sketches as an essay illustrator for The China Times. 1977. Decided to take my wife and daughter West in chase of the American Dream. Wanted to go fine arts, but after a few gallery shows, things didn’t work out so well, so decided to head back home. After 30 more years of commercial arts, now retired in San Francisco, happily/luckily with the same wife [laugh].

GDM: About Inspiration?
MDS: Creation is the goal. In the beginning, the water colors were experimental. To strip away excess. Bringing art back to an absolute rudimentary style and color. Simplistic. Experimental. Technical. Emotional, I’ve always had a thing for humanity and society. The human touch of emotion and concern. It’s the sensitivity of emotions. Art is explanation. I want to explain why people are the way they are.

Chen Hui-Kun, Mrs. Chen, MDS, 1980

GDM: Who is Chen Hui-Kun?
My Mentor. He was a good teacher. Learned his craft in Japan. Then refined in Paris. A dedicated, diligent artist. It may have been him who inspired my understanding of the human connection to art. That regardless of time, language, culture, space, that the human emotion is universally true. Perhaps his work ethic was most inspirational. Strict. Diligent. The Japanese way. I’ve never met another man more hard working. Short with words, but you can tell that he wants you to do well. Almost fatherly. We were all poor kids from the countryside then. And he understood. “咱巄是甘苦囝仔” he once told me. And it moved me.

MDS 2008, by PS

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