New $33,000 Matter-Wave Speakers

Beautiful back of Terra-SP3000

Beautiful back of Terra-SP3000

Teragaki-Labo debuts today its new $33,000 TERRA-SP3000 (2,940,000 Yen), a pair of speakers developed from founder Teragaki Takeshi‘s 30 years of research on the Matter-Wave Theory. So what does that mean? Well, according to AV Watch Japan, the SP3000 tackled and eliminated some of the vibration issues associated with speakers panels. By minimizing internal speaker vibrations audio clarity is therefore enhanced. Audiophiles can now listen to their favorite classics just like “hearing a clock at midnight,” said AV Watch.

So it’s not completely revolutionary, but could it possibly rival a $5000 pair of Stax Electrostatic Headphones in sound clarity? We’ll have to have some other reviewers be the judge on this one. The 360 degree projection of sound and the beautifully crafted wooden housings, though, made us sweat in our New York office on this snowy day.

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