As a prelude to Tam’s Obama Gadget article, we are showing you a glimpse of how Obama is actually helping our economy. Indeed, as shown in The Colbert Report’s January 14th episode – P.K. Winsome Obama Collectables, the Obama craze is a prime example of Say’s Law at work and certainly creating a new market in this recession.

We know for sure, because The Abraham Obama iPod skins from Gela Skins (see above) are selling like hot cakes in our store AC Gears. And beyond the obvious Obama commemorative coins, the Big O is also made edible –Yes Pecan from Ben and Jerry’s is another example. Now if B&J can give the new ice cream away on inauguration day everywhere, we think even McCain himself or Mr. Bush could perhaps understand a tad more about the liberal agenda.

We will follow up soon with our in-depth research article on Obama related gadgets and accessories. We are glad our new President Elect is already putting his good name at work to help our economy.

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