heavy duty robot debuted in tokyo

The Tokyo Fire Department debuted the world’s first “Dual-Arm Heavy Machine” (top right) by Hitachi Heavy Machinery today. Developed after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake for more efficient rescue operations, the new Dual-Arm is equiped with two claws to quickly pick up heavy objects with one arm while cutting or crashing them with the other at the same time. And so these new machines are increasingly looking more “robotic” than our traditional excavator that we see in construction sites.

And this reminded us of IZMO JUKI, a graphic illustration book of future heavy duty robotics used in our everyday life. You can see above (top left) a rendition of a patrol robot working inside a Tokyo subway. Editor’s note: the robot is fake, but the subway station is real. We wish the New York subway was also air-conditioned, clean, and equiped with vending machines.

It’s happening, people. Robots are among us.

Take a look at Robot Watch Japan’s coverage (in Japanese) of this new red monster in action.

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