ARTIST – Sattler Drawing the Unconscious

The unconscious is beautiful because we don’t know much about it. And when somebody attempts to render it through art, it becomes even more magnetic.

Our friend, Suzanne Sattler, is an artist specialized in pencil drawing of soft, somewhat hazy, images of lonely girls caught in some kind of obscure dream. The subjects in the drawing are often depicted with dismembered body parts, accompanied by animals found in the forests of a children fantasy story. So we wouldn’t call it a nightmare, because there are no ghosts, and we are not scared – only intriqued. With a plain white background, an amputated hand, a tug-a-war with raccoons, strings, a lonely girl and her tree, Suzanne’s drawings retrieve and restore our childhood unconscious on paper. Now we only need a rainy day and a good cup of coffee.

Suzanne is currently working with us to come up with drawings to be shown in AC Gears’ NYC store. Please stay tuned.

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