The Hold Steady – Stay Positive

As an addendum to the earlier post on Jake Davis, we’d like to mention that the kid’s got a day job, too.

Check Mr. Davis’ recent video treatment of the Hold Steady anthem ‘Stay Positive,’ a loving ode to NYC poster art and wheatpasting. Shot on location on these dirty streets last fall, it just feels right.

And while you’re at it, click over to to watch The Hold Steady perform Stay Positive on a rooftop overlooking West 4th, one part of a series called “Don’t Look Down.” They lugged a gong all the way up there? Insane.

“The Hold Steady crush New York City from this West 4th Street rooftop, busting out the hits from their brand new album Stay Positive. And yup, if you’re wondering, the gong actually does get used.”

The Hold Steady

Jake Davis

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