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For your quintessential New York head — a young hustler with good taste and a keen eye who’s been around the block — you don’t have to look much further than Jake Davis.

On his blog, he keeps up a fresh mix of new music tip-offs, movie/commercial spots and wardrobe concepts. Short, sweet, quick and dirty. But every now and again, Mr. Davis surprises us…

Road to Nowhere, or I First Met Dean… (Dec. 17th)

The Real American Life is as wordy as Mr. Davis ever gets, but pay attention while he lays it out. This is how upstate migrated downtown and uptown came late to the party. Supreme and Union, Taavo Somer, Ranch Ralph Lauren, The Sartorialist. How does it all fit together? A few snippets:

“The downtown kid wearing the latest camouflage Red Wings from Harajuka with raw cuffed selvedge, looking at just the right buffalo plaid cruiser on the cedar hanger, getting jocked by just the right Eastern European model, and finally just the right businessmen sucking it all in.”

“And then there were the true New York hipsters. But a strange thing happened in that summer of ’05. John Leland releases Hip: The History. And a true, genuine, New York subculture dies…”

“This sartorial downpour is actually seven years in the making and is just starting to reach its critical mass in the coming months of 2009. Wake up and smell the thornproof dressing…”

Light My Fire, or Lumberjack on Lafayette (Dec. 14)

The Real American Life

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