File under: Fashion-not-Function, although it’s not impractical considering how few actual CDs anyone is purchasing anymore. Spotted on Yanko’s roundup of the year’s best, the iShelf by designer Li Jianye displays 5 jewel cases at a time in the recognizable iTunes library format. I’m a complete and total sucker for […]

Magazine-reading in the digital age

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo. Watch the video to get a sense of what’s possible when magazine revamping is put in the hands of the very, very capable. There has been a lot of messing around with “simulating” the experience of holding a print publication, but these forward-thinkers are mainly […]

Augmented Reality in the print industry

We were talking about Augmented Reality not too long ago (Avatar just came out…anyone been yet? How is it?) and it looks like the print world is getting in on the game, too. Wallpaper Magazine’s new issue is AR-functional but, without a webcam here, I’m having to rely on some […]

HunterGatherer iPhone case

Not new by any means, but since it’s the gift-giving season my eye’s become more attuned to these little, under-$50 type items. You may remember some time ago I mentioned this guy Todd St. John who does some cool design stuff, and illustration stuff and, well, a whole bunch of […]

Harinezumi-shot music video for Rocksmith

After just talking up the hazy, dreamy, worn-in, Super-8-style video quality of the Harinezumi, this pops up in my inbox today. The above clip, a promo for the downtown-NY-street-grimey-styles Rocksmith holiday line, is shot entirely with the little Japanese wonder you see below. I love it because it’s the perfect […]

The Harinezumi from Superheadz

In GQ’s latest issue, a 2009 recap, I spotted a familiar gadget heading up the ‘Best Stuff of the Year’ section: the Harinezumi camera produced by Superheadz. I remember the rep coming in to give us an initial demo of this fits-in-your-hand digital camera. At the time, I didn’t really […]

House of Cards

Framestore, the visual effects company responsible for the Wild Things’ facial animation, has a whole lot of other cool-looking stuff under its belt. That includes the above commercial spot created for a homeless charity. It’s very appropriately titled ‘House of Cards’ and is tracked to a Radiohead song donated to […]