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Here’s a great looking publication from the vision-driven editor of Juxtapoz.  John Jay, of the influential Wieden+Kennedy agency, posted this one up on his blog not too long ago. Of course, I have to take a closer look.


First impressions: This is another winner from Jamie O’Shea, who made Juxtapoz the go-to art and design magazine of the new generation and has been doing the same with his widely-tracked blog, Supertouch. With him, it’s always been about dealing an even hand to both art and culture, without one cheapening the other. Trendsetters, taste-makers…it’s people like O’Shea who’ve given weight to these terms.


Now three issues in, the latest installment of this quarterly sees Takashi Murakami and Tom Sachs next to Lupe and Christian Hosoi. Check their website for newsstands that are currently stocking the new issue and see for yourself.

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John C. Jay

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