The designers here must have asked themselves, “What would this look like mounted on a bicycle?”

GEDDIT at iHome Audio for $69.99

Seems like a reasonable question if you’re producing bicycle-mounted speakers, right? Yet, most of the new arrivals to the market look like speakers meant for the car, or a spaceship, or something equally inappropriate. Have these people ever ridden a bike?

To Do List: 1. Watch hypnotizing video. 2. Realize none of these people want ugly on their bikes.

The iPod speaker from iHome, known also as the iH85, still seems like the best option a year later. It’s the simplicity that makes it work. How to make a speaker that fits a bike? Take your design cues from something that’s already part of the bike — in this case, the water bottle. Easy.

The iH85 comes with a polycarbonate case, mounting hardware, handlebar-attachable wireless remote and is compatible with nearly every iPod gen and model, excluding the Shuffle.


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