Olloclip – Make Your Instagram InstaGREAT

credit: Leah

Once again we find ourselves with a sweet new gadget to test – this time it’s the olloclip 4-in-1 Lens for the iPhone 6/6s & Plus. The olloclip is simple to use, and comes with a small microfiber sack and lanyard. It also comes with four different style lenses: Wide […]

The Serendipity of the Iconic “Earthrise” Photo


On Christmas Eve 1968, the first humans to ever orbit the moon were rewarded with an astounding vision of the Earth rising over it; it was a once-in-a-lifetime photographic opportunity they almost missed completely. From NPR: “It just so happens that as they came around, Bill Anders, the rookie on […]

Jee Young Lee Creates Surreal Dreamscapes, No Photoshop Necessary

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-1 (1)

Legend, The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story — all of these movies were set in worlds that inspired whimsy and wonder. The set, costumes and props were crafted by hand. As the available technology improved, CGI and photo manipulation became the more affordable (not to mention less time-consuming) option. Korean artist […]

Fabian Oefner Explodes Dream Cars, Blows Minds

disintegration 1

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner‘s recent exhibition at the M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva is a study in patience and an ode to obsessive detail. For his Disintegrating series, he painstakingly disassembled scale models of classic sports cars (over a thousand components per car), photographed them separately, and then digitally blended them in […]

Bublcam 360 Camera Is Way Better Than Spinning In A Circle


This softball sized camera allows you to shoot video and photographs in 360 degrees. While this is hardly the first of your 360 options, it might just be one of the best. The Bublcam was developed by Sean Ramsay, formerly of Immersive Media. The same people who worked with Google […]

Photography at its best – Capturing Humanity as it Could Be

Using photography to capture the essence of humanity, even if it is just one fleeting moment. New York based photographer Richard Renaldi puts strangers together to create timeless photographs that show us how complete strangers can just be as nice to one another just as what we were taught. In […]

Sebastian Mlynarski – Haute Romantics

These images from artist Sebastian Mlynarski are really dreamy with the use of layering and multiple exposures. Mlynarski is also known for directing Miike Snow’s video for Animal (this one, not this one) which is definitely injected with that same feeling of romance that he captures so well. If you’re […]

Fashion Faces

Spotted on JJJJound, I knew I had to find out more. After a little creative Googling, it was Mr. West’s blog (via fabrikproject) that put me on to the answers. The above shots are from Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi‘s latest project. Borsodi, who has a fascination with looking at standard […]

The Secret Life of Superheroes

Toronto based photographer Ian Pool has reimagined the private lives of superheroes and supervillains through a new series of photographs capturing the extraordinary men and women doing some very ordinary things. The very creative set features everything from the everyday (Batman eating at a small diner) to a naughty, albeit […]

INTERVIEW: A day with MDS, Continued.

The logical continuation from last Tuesday’s trip through the definitively/purposefully non-sensible streets of Haight & Ashbury comes a humbly sensible inner reflective of our guest MDS. As the rabbit hole suggests, one must regress in order to progress. Please also stay tuned to other GEDDEM Interviews. If you are interested […]


Through the Looking Glass taught us a simple lesson: for ordinary things to make sense, there must be unordinary things that make nonsense. MDS is an artist of old. Classic fellow. Humble. Haight & Ashbury is a San Francisco neighborhood of about the same age. Classic by another definition. Not […]