A Sultry Queen of the Damned: FKA Twigs in “Two Weeks”


  In the above video for “Two Weeks,”  the London-based FKA Twigs levels a serene eye straight at the camera. From her position of power, flanked by a devoted troop of mesmerizing miniature dancers, she is poised, regal, otherworldly; equal parts Egyptian goddess, Daenerys in Game of Thrones, and Aaliyah, Queen of the […]

Blood Orange’s New Video is a Love Letter to Daytime Television


In the new video for Blood Orange’s “You’re Not Good Enough,” there is a lot of 80’s behavior on display. All-white outfits? Check. Choreographed dance routines? Check. Throw in the slinky, synth-washed and funky bass-driven rhythm of the song itself and you can be forgiven for concluding that Dev Hynes and […]

3-D Printing and Drones in M.I.A.’s “Double Bubble Trouble” Video


“What if you could make weapons like these in your own home using what’s called a ‘three-dimensional printer’? This sounds like science-fiction, but to some, it’s not so far-fetched.” Thus begins M.I.A.’s new video for “Double Bubble Trouble”, and nothing that follows shares much in common with the sanitized, glossy smartphone commercial vision […]

Passion Pit’s outer space adventure

Passion Pit’s new video for Little Secrets goes hyper-literal on the chorus (“higher and higher and higher…”), taking us on a blissed-out trip through outer space. This is also a good reminder to re-watch the video’s obvious reference point – Keir Dullea in the classic Star Gate sequence from 2001: […]

The Unofficials

Does that sound like a new Pixar flick about a superhero family? The point is, let’s make today ‘unofficial music videos’ day. The first is a fan-made video created for Brooklyn-slash-Austin rising stars Neon Indian, whom Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear just included as a ‘recent favorite’ on the playlist […]

bikes are huge lately

We humbly submit Exhibit A, in which street-biker-of-the-moment Danny Macaskill embraces a starring turn in the new video for Doves’ gorgeous ‘Winter Hill’… …and Exhibit B, in which Dinosaur Jr. is BACK, thank the God of the ’90s, and rocking and, for some reason, skating and biking in their new […]

a couple music videos of note:

It’s just a good time of year for these, I suppose. First off, this one from Cold War Kids for ‘I’ve Seen Enough.’ Let the video preload on the site and then let your mind be blown. Billed as an ‘interactive video,’ you can mix and match the song as […]

Ed Banger and Kid Cudi

We’ve had this new headphone collaboration between WeSC and Ed Banger Records in the shop for a little bit now, and it’s been garnering a lot of interest thanks in large part to Ed Banger art director So Me and his distinctive style. Speaking of So Me, I’m taking a […]

No Lights, No Camera — Action!

A look back at the recent past: Radiohead’s video for ‘House of Cards’ off of their latest record In Rainbows was created without the use of a single camera. Instead, director James Frost utilized Geometric Informatics and Velodyne LIDAR to capture, with the use of 64 rotating lasers, 3D images […]

Spike Jonze reworks skate footage for music video

What with all the drooling over the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, consider us to be in a full-on love affair with all things Spike Jonze. As such, let’s spare a moment for this video, a bit Jonze cobbled together from his own archives exclusively for the British […]

Frame of Reference, from Michael Gondry to Groovision

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBgf2ZxIDZk Our recent topics related to BigBeat artists such as Fatboy Slim reminded me of Chemical Brother’s Star Guitar music video (see above) made by director Michael Gondry (director of The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, also often cited along-side with Spike Jonze). A closer look at the youtube […]