Day N Nite last night

Image credit to Sometimes you luck out with a hype show at a good venue on a warm night with solid openers and a sold-out crowd that’s somehow just the right size. And sometimes luck drops a free ticket in your lap day-of. And sometimes, just sometimes, Kid Cudi […]

Of the moment: Band of Horses – The Funeral

Listening to last year’s Kid Cudi tape in anticipation of his full record coming out soon on Kanye’s label, I started noticing one sample pop up over and over again in my daily life. I’ve played out Band of Horses‘ second record ‘Cease to Begin’ by now but had taken […]

Ed Banger and Kid Cudi

We’ve had this new headphone collaboration between WeSC and Ed Banger Records in the shop for a little bit now, and it’s been garnering a lot of interest thanks in large part to Ed Banger art director So Me and his distinctive style. Speaking of So Me, I’m taking a […]