The Sitpack: A Pocket Sized Seat For Instant Relaxation.


Here we have another convenient tool birthed by the wonders of crowdfunding. The people have spoken, and if money talks, then people have been shouting for the Sitpack which takes the spotlight today. This unexpected portable chair is the accessory your butt deserves, and one your spine needs to boot. Compact, […]

SolarPuff and the Impact of Funding Practical Design.


There have been an uplifting number of eco-friendly designs as of late—neatly focused projects with an intent to convenience our daily grind (both enjoyable and non). These concepts consciously and empathetically impact other people and the world at large. Most of these designers look towards one of our oldest sources of energy for […]

T Magazine’s Best of 2013: Year in People

tmagazine_year in people

The NY Times’ T Magazine collects fifteen profiles from 2013 featuring the creative and innovative forces at work in all fields, from media and entertainment to politics and activism. Click through to a few of the highlights below and see the whole selection at T Magazine. In Conversation | Perry […]

Bublcam 360 Camera Is Way Better Than Spinning In A Circle


This softball sized camera allows you to shoot video and photographs in 360 degrees. While this is hardly the first of your 360 options, it might just be one of the best. The Bublcam was developed by Sean Ramsay, formerly of Immersive Media. The same people who worked with Google […]