Dreamers, Entertainers, Old Guard, Next Wave: The Verge 50


The Verge looks back on 2013 and shouts out the women and men who, through innovative thought and decisive action, changed the way we experience the world. Organized into categories (the dreamers, the informers, the noisemakers, the entertainers, the world changers, the old guard, and the next wave) the refreshingly […]

Fashion Faces

Spotted on JJJJound, I knew I had to find out more. After a little creative Googling, it was Mr. West’s blog (via fabrikproject) that put me on to the answers. The above shots are from Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi‘s latest project. Borsodi, who has a fascination with looking at standard […]

Ed Banger and Kid Cudi

We’ve had this new headphone collaboration between WeSC and Ed Banger Records in the shop for a little bit now, and it’s been garnering a lot of interest thanks in large part to Ed Banger art director So Me and his distinctive style. Speaking of So Me, I’m taking a […]

Animal Collective – My Girls video

Here’s the video (in HD) for the new Animal Collective single ‘My Girls’ via just about everywhere. The rotoscoping techniques used remind me of Kanye West’s video for Heartless, but the animation for this one was done by one Jon Vermilyea rather than, as Mr. West boasts, a troop of […]