Cheero Power Plus 3: For Adorable, Safe, & Powerful Charging


  The Cheero Power Plus 3 is an impressively affordable, high capacity, ultra compact, and durable battery. Though the company Cheero speaks highly of their product design, and safety-oriented business model, it’s their statistic of average defective units that speaks greater volumes of the company’s integrity– only 0.2% of their units have […]

Piperoid: A Hint Of Cultural Relevance


When it comes to popular culture within the last decade or so, all the current running trends seem to be borrowing their roots from the same un-exhausted sources — particularly the ones associated with what one might call “nerd” culture. Generally speaking, these trends tend to have some sort of Asian influence, especially of […]

The Mild Insanity of Japanese Doritos


Kotaku explores the weird, wild world of Doritos in the Land of the Rising Sun, where Frito Lay keeps the flavor train rolling with constant, limited-edition releases distributed through a number of channels including the regular Doritos brand, the Doritos “Gourmet” line of recent years, and even a Doritos/Frito Lay […]

The rise of the macaron

This is the Year of the Macaron. Chalk up its current street cred to the fact that it’s cute and hails from Paris, but its cultural reach goes a little beyond that. Consider the fact, for instance, that this book – an ode (and a recipe/instruction book) to this tough-to-master […]