Morph: Nature’s Acoustics


Taking a very minimalist approach to sound amplification, the Morph team and their acoustic wooden speakers add a more “natural”, and wire-free surround sound to your favorite spaces. These speakers are made from 100% reclaimed wood, giving depth and volume to your iPhone, or any slim android device housing a base speaker vent […]

Click & Grow A Greener Future!


Let’s all take a deep breath. Last Week we elected a new President. We noticed that not everyone is happy about who won, but we’re here to give everyone something to agree on! Plants are awesome, fresh herbs are delicious, and gardening is hard work. Not everyone has the time […]

Voltaic Has Clean, Green, Charging Machines


As we coast through this year’s hurricane season mostly unscathed, tropical storms can still show up with little time to prepare. If your neighborhood is vulnerable to blackouts, we recommend an alternative energy source that won’t leave you in the dark. Solar is the most abundant and easily accessible green […]

Sustee – Your Artificial Green Thumb


  If you need a little help obtaining your green thumb, the Sustee offers a comprehensive aid in knowing when to water your plants. Using it is straight forward. Water your plant if the Sustee indicator turns white. Seems simple enough, but I decided to take a look into the science […]

Wave Your iPhone for Power (Carefully): Micro-Windmill Technology


A team of electrical engineers at the University of Texas plans to take the world of wind turbines by storm (no pun intended). As clean wind energy has become more popular over the years, turbines have only become larger; Professor J.C. Chiao and graduate research associate Smitha Rao are bucking […]

Bike culture in the living room

Founded in 1990 but ripe for a ‘moment’ now, these pieces from Andy Gregg’s Bike Furniture Design consist of sharply re-imagined bicycle parts. It’s eco-friendly, it’s a nod to the steady assimilation of bike culture, and it’s fashioned with a strong eye for design. From all angles, it looks like […]

Boho Magazine – a pioneering eco-conscious debut

As even mid-level mainstays like Domino have begun folding, it’s an act of courage right now to launch a new publication. Annie here at the shop turned us on to this one: Boho, from the same people behind the smart and stylish science-culture magazine Seed, is a fashion rag for […]