Morph: Nature’s Acoustics


Taking a very minimalist approach to sound amplification, the Morph team and their acoustic wooden speakers add a more “natural”, and wire-free surround sound to your favorite spaces. These speakers are made from 100% reclaimed wood, giving depth and volume to your iPhone, or any slim android device housing a base speaker vent […]

SolarPuff and the Impact of Funding Practical Design.


There have been an uplifting number of eco-friendly designs as of late—neatly focused projects with an intent to convenience our daily grind (both enjoyable and non). These concepts consciously and empathetically impact other people and the world at large. Most of these designers look towards one of our oldest sources of energy for […]

Wave Your iPhone for Power (Carefully): Micro-Windmill Technology


A team of electrical engineers at the University of Texas plans to take the world of wind turbines by storm (no pun intended). As clean wind energy has become more popular over the years, turbines have only become larger; Professor J.C. Chiao and graduate research associate Smitha Rao are bucking […]