Piperoid: A Hint Of Cultural Relevance


When it comes to popular culture within the last decade or so, all the current running trends seem to be borrowing their roots from the same un-exhausted sources — particularly the ones associated with what one might call “nerd” culture. Generally speaking, these trends tend to have some sort of Asian influence, especially of […]

The Secret Life of Superheroes

Toronto based photographer Ian Pool has reimagined the private lives of superheroes and supervillains through a new series of photographs capturing the extraordinary men and women doing some very ordinary things. The very creative set features everything from the everyday (Batman eating at a small diner) to a naughty, albeit […]


Through the Looking Glass taught us a simple lesson: for ordinary things to make sense, there must be unordinary things that make nonsense. MDS is an artist of old. Classic fellow. Humble. Haight & Ashbury is a San Francisco neighborhood of about the same age. Classic by another definition. Not […]