NYC Train Sign: Made in Brooklyn


  In the city of New York, time is an especially valuable commodity (which is why people move at a pace somewhere between a hasty stroll, and light run). Time management for the average New Yorker and city life in general revolve around the MTA  train system. Our sometimes loved, often […]

The Ceramic Canvas: The Art of Plating


Paul Liebrandt, the chef at the Elm, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, constructed a delicately Dr. Seussian tableau of squab, beet, tarragon flowers and pink dabs of crab apple juice. Mr. Liebrandt, whose plating is on full display in his new book, “To the Bone,” and who cites the influence of painters like […]

Patrick Daughters to direct new Grizzly Bear video

That’s right, the Patrick Daughters responsible for the new Depeche Mode video and the Grammy-nominated video for Feist’s 1,2,3,4 is signed on to do a video for ‘Two Weeks,’ the first single from the soon-to-be-released Grizzly Bear record ‘Veckatimest.’ Word coming in from those who’ve heard the album straight through […]