Piperoid: A Hint Of Cultural Relevance


When it comes to popular culture within the last decade or so, all the current running trends seem to be borrowing their roots from the same un-exhausted sources — particularly the ones associated with what one might call “nerd” culture. Generally speaking, these trends tend to have some sort of Asian influence, especially of […]

Zapata Racing: Going Skyward


Science fiction films of the past love depicting upbeat, vivid, and imaginative designs for modern technology. Concepts like Futurama-esque flying cars, and fantastic teleporters have stimulated young imagination on the big screen since the 50’s. Though we are still a far cry from the whimsical, and often gritty days of future past from […]

Coding & Composing in One Console – PocketC.H.I.P.


If the growing popularity of conventions like MAGFest tell you anything, music and gaming are the chocolate and peanut butter of entertainment. Delicious on their own, but combined they have the power to transport you to another universe. Recently we wrote about the Arduboy, a card sized console made to […]

KORG Volca FM We Missed You (and The Astor Cube)


If there’s something we missed as much as the Astor cube, the KORG Volca FM takes the prize. Now, both of them are back! We were unable to spin the cube due to troublesome barricades, but we put our hands all over the Korg Volca FM. The the ‘FM’ stands […]

Arduboy – Mini Gameboy For Devs


Tired of not getting an entire game when you buy the disc? Think you could do better using only 8-bits? Kickstarter funded Arduboy helps aspiring developers get started with the power of Arduino! The Arduboy is a hand held gaming system that utilizes the open-source Arduino platform to play games […]

Geographia – Earth’s Beauty on Folded Paper


  Red Dot Award winning Drill Design and long established Marumo Printing have joined forces to conquer the globe. Not in the sinister cat stroking fashion, but through brilliant design. Together they created the Geographia series of sectional globes which utilize processing and printing methods that not only convey information […]

Catch Six Pikachu And A Snorlax (Without Leaving Home)

Photo Jul 11, 16 34 10 (2)

With Pokemon Go taking over the internet along with every park, sidewalk, bar, monument, and museum, we thought some of our readers might be fans of the pocket monster franchise. If so, then why not take it a step further with this adorable Pokemon game by Megahouse?   Here we […]

SolarPuff and the Impact of Funding Practical Design.


There have been an uplifting number of eco-friendly designs as of late—neatly focused projects with an intent to convenience our daily grind (both enjoyable and non). These concepts consciously and empathetically impact other people and the world at large. Most of these designers look towards one of our oldest sources of energy for […]

Guide Leonardo DiCaprio to 8-Bit Oscar Glory in ‘Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage’


The Line Animation Studio from London offers you the chance to help Leonardo DiCaprio finally win his Oscar in the form of a side-scrolling, arcade-style game. Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage will have you controlling our intrepid actor as he races for that sweet golden statue, so long denied him by the […]

Real World Mario Kart Re-Enactors Race Through a Shopping Mall


If you feel you need a bit of inspiration this Thursday, perhaps knowing that out there in London, a group of people organized to successfully re-enact a Mario Kart race through a Westfield Mall during regular business hours, banana-peel-induced spin-outs included — that just might be motivation enough to keep fighting […]