Music Sunday – Engelwood’s Hotel Wood


Some may disagree, but the Internet is truly a wonderful place.  If humanity wanted itself to drift apart from each other, it would not have created the Internet.  So we know humanity is coming together and the things created from this giant melting pot are beautiful.  Today we feature Engelwood (Engelwood Facebook). […]

SMD – Bo Burnham’s “what.”


Published free on Youtube and Netflix a week before Christmas 2013, what. by Bo Burnham demonstrates the boundless possibilities of the creative human mind. No, this is not your typical stand-up comedy act. The one-hour show contains puns, jokes, poetry, (planned) improv moments, and him dancing, singing, playing piano, and […]

SMD – Mondkopf – The Song of Shadows


Mondkopf, de son vrai nom Paul Régimbeau1, est un musicien français de musique électronique né en 1986 à Toulouse et vivant à Paris. When the French want to do something well, no one else can come close. Heavy, lush, it’s only suitable for the most avant-garde. Bonus: Bain du Matin

SMD – CFCF – Beyond Light


For this week’s Sunday Music Day we originally wanted to write about CFCF’s You Hear Music, because of its fitting sentiment for the fall.  But Beyond Light is new from the album Outside, released just 2 weeks ago on October 23rd.  So, here you are, enjoy the light show. Bonus: You […]

SMD – Phantogram – 16 Years

Sometimes we wonder how it would be in an alternative universe where this kind of music is accepted as “mainstream.”  Electronic-Pop/Rock has somewhat of a bad name as “hipster” music, but truth be told no matter what they still sound better than what’s out there on the radio all day, […]