Future Fabrics That Could Turn Your Body Into a Computer


We’re not quite entering a world of Tron where we zip around inside computers on light bikes with cool robot helmets — sorry. But initiatives like Google’s Project Jacquard are creating some interesting new possibilities for wearable tech with their advances in fabrics. Jacquard yarns combine metallic alloys with natural and synthetic […]

New Photography Book Features Portraits Captured Only With Surveillance Technology


Oliver Chanarin & Adam Broomberg’s new book of portraits, “Spirit is a Bone,” which features Pussy Riot member Yekaterina Samutsevi, is the result of their co-opting a surveillance device created and used by Moscow security to monitor its citizens, resulting in a book that is more political statement than coffee […]

Guide Leonardo DiCaprio to 8-Bit Oscar Glory in ‘Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage’


The Line Animation Studio from London offers you the chance to help Leonardo DiCaprio finally win his Oscar in the form of a side-scrolling, arcade-style game. Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage will have you controlling our intrepid actor as he races for that sweet golden statue, so long denied him by the […]

Real World Mario Kart Re-Enactors Race Through a Shopping Mall


If you feel you need a bit of inspiration this Thursday, perhaps knowing that out there in London, a group of people organized to successfully re-enact a Mario Kart race through a Westfield Mall during regular business hours, banana-peel-induced spin-outs included — that just might be motivation enough to keep fighting […]

This Chair Inspired by 90s French House Music Will Go Nicely In Your Discotheque

french touch chair

Designer Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli created the “French Touch” chair with French dance music from the 90’s in mind, resulting in a piece of furniture that flashes and glows like a Daft Punk track. The dichroic film applied over the chair, built from CNC-cut acrylic assembled with steel bolts, interacts with light to […]

3-D Printed Braille and Picture Books For the Visually-Impaired


Another day, another innovative use of 3-D printing technology. A team from the University of Colorado Boulder has been using the tech to print 3-D versions of popular picture books with braille text, giving parents and educators a cost-effective way of providing more appropriate materials for visually-impaired children. Professor Tom Yeh, […]