Cheero Power Plus 3: For Adorable, Safe, & Powerful Charging


The Cheero Power Plus 3 is an impressively affordable, high capacity, ultra compact, and durable battery. Though the company Cheero speaks highly of their product design, and safety-oriented business model, it’s their statistic of average defective units that speaks greater volumes of the company’s integrity– only 0.2% of their units have been defective in the past 30 years. The faceless batteries, and the brand themselves have also adapted the abstract, yet distinct face of Danbo, a fictional cardboard box robot character from the manga series Yotsuba&! by Kiyohiko Azuma. This lesser known Japanese mascot conveys intentional feelings of lightheartedness and safety; it certainly works, and is another factor in the Cheero being one of the most used portable batteries in Japan.

Each unit contains a high grade Japan-made battery. The encasing is a fireproof plastic material (UL 94V-0) in the unlikely event of a fire within the hardware.



[Battery capacity]3.6V 13400mAh
[Size/Weight] 92×80×23mm / 245 sg
[Input] 5V/2A max microUSB
[Output1] 5V/1A max USB
[Output2] 5V/3.4A max USB
[Accessories] microUSB cable, carrying pouch

Charge Time: 8 Hours

All in cheero products come with a six months guarantee, and at a $50 dollar set price, that’s a pretty good deal for a product with a sufficiently long lifespan.

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