Product Review: FiiO i1 The Function-Forward Lightning Adapter


Since Apple’s decision to phase out the audio jack from their current iPhone design, a lightning to 3.5mm adapters has quickly become a must-have accessory users. For those that still like wired headphones however, and while Apple’s proprietary dongle is inexpensive, its also small and easily misplaced. Plus, it doesn’t sport any other features– Enter the FiiO i1 dac/amp an adapter multiple functions.

The FiiO i1  isn’t just a lightning to 3.5mm adapter, it’s a $40 dollar investment that replaces your Apple dongle, while simultaneously offering an amplified listening experience from your favorite wired headphones. Being a DAC (digital analogue converter) as well as a headphone amplifier, the device will help our ears process information that otherwise can’t be heard digitally. Music will sound crisper, punchier, and more vivid.

FiiO has delivered quality products since 2007. Whether it be audiophile music players, cables, adapters, or amplifiers, FiiO’s carries their product at a respectable prices. It’s also one of the few mobile accessory companies to be Apple MFi certified. The robust quality change to music from the FiiO i1 make it a must-have for modern iPhone users.

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