Music Sunday: Virtual Self (Porter Robinson) – Ghost Voices


Virtual Self is a musical project started by the young internationally recognized EDM producer Porter Robinson as the next step in Robinsons’ creative journey. No longer releasing music under his own name, Virtual Self is the new virtual/conceptual pseudonym for all of Porter Robinsons’ future work and he uses the […]

Cheero Power Plus 3: For Adorable, Safe, & Powerful Charging


  The Cheero Power Plus 3 is an impressively affordable, high capacity, ultra compact, and durable battery. Though the company Cheero speaks highly of their product design, and safety-oriented business model, it’s their statistic of average defective units that speaks greater volumes of the company’s integrity– only 0.2% of their units have […]

Product Review: FiiO i1 The Function-Forward Lightning Adapter


Since Apple’s decision to phase out the audio jack from their current iPhone design, a lightning to 3.5mm adapters has quickly become a must-have accessory users. For those that still like wired headphones however, and while Apple’s proprietary dongle is inexpensive, its also small and easily misplaced. Plus, it doesn’t […]