Headphone Review: The DT 240 PRO by beyerdynamic; a better standard

Studios across the U.S. know the Sony MDR 7506 as a fairly standard, well-known piece of equipment for music production. Finding another pair as reliable, high quality headphones for about $100 isn’t terribly difficult, but we’re happy to recommend the beyerdynamic DT 240s, as an addition to this tier. Popular headphones like the Audio-Technica ATH M40x lack a clean and noticeable bass, and are a bit cumbersome to carry, and lack the luster and sound of their sibling the M50x. Now, beyerdynamic offers a compact, and easy to carry professional headphone that folds up and fits in your bag, and is as pleasant and balanced to listen to on your way to the studio, as they are for production. Essentially they’re a portable version of their larger DT 770 and DT 990 models;. headphones great for various professional and personal audio tasks like: referencing, engineering, and reliable hi-fi playback, and offer a great range of impedance to choose from.

For the same price of the Sony MDRs you get full flat frequency response, great mobility with comfort for long listening sessions, and an overall better sound. Flat out, beyerdynamic has a durable, build that attest to the companies lineage, and history of quality. A simple and clean look fits. The ear cushions on the DT990’s are incredible, and would add $30 – $50 dollar value, but for the price there aren’t many flaws, aside probably someone with larger ears wearing them for longer than 3-4 hours.


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