Music Sundays: Song Exploder – Ludwig Göransson And The Music of Black Panther

Hrishikesh Hirway’s SongExploder is a podcast that delves deep within, and explores musical compositions in an extremely vivd, very raw, and certainly, very human way. Following their journey on the road to creativity leaves even the most casual of listeners feeling like they’ve come back from a trip to the movies. Through this particular episode we take a time-lapsed journey through a piece from the soundtrack of the record breaking Marvel film: Black Panther. Göransson’s journey and research took him from the lucid pages of Marvel comics (yes, he’s read them) , to the Continent of Africa, where he meets with veteran Senegalese musician, Baaba Maal, and beyond. 

This particular episodes, is sure to give you some goosebumps, as the duo explore one of Black Panthers most visceral compositions titled after the films villain, Killmonger.

You can listen to the independent track here:


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