NYC Train Sign: Made in Brooklyn

In the city of New York, time is an especially valuable commodity (which is why people move at a pace somewhere between a hasty stroll, and light run). Time management for the average New Yorker and city life in general revolve around the MTA  train system. Our sometimes loved, often frustrated train systems are the anchor of life, giving an often tangible sense of travel time, and defining whether we make it to social dates, or work within a set time frame. With the NYC Train sign you can have that accurate depiction of the train times as they are, while connected to the NYC Transit website right inside your own home. There is a certain level of style that New Yorkers love to keep in their surroundings, and the NYC Subway Train Sign is an exceptional interesting design piece for your home.

This made-for-home item was created by a group of local NYC inventors, led by Eduardo Nunez. Using Raspberry Pi, an LED matrix, and a locally 3D printed base, Nunez’ used his own API while hosting the official MTA data to provide up to the minute train times. Unlike the sometimes wonky mobile application, this sources the MTA data directly, and is more accurate. This product was invented, and built in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, and supports the neighborhood. The first NYC Train Sign was handmade by Timothy Woo on Himrod Street, housing an original wood frame made in a shop on Dekalb Ave while their own Subway Train shirts were printed below Tim’s apartment. The frames themselves are printed with Bushwick bros, and 3D Brooklyn.

The best kind of decoration, and art, are ones with a sense of practicality. So spruce up your home with this beautiful LED information board, for yourself, your friends who need to make travel estimates after a gathering. Get easy access to info right before leaving the apartment for that next arriving train. For every train sign purchased, the proceeds help, not only in supporting their business, but also local designers, and inventors alike. Aside from making a really cool and practical piece of home decor, the NYC Train sign crew intends to develop the next generation of hackers by encouraging people in area schools, by exposing kids to programming and computer systems at a young age.


Since production the team has also made connected signs for San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago. The NYC Subway Train Sign is available as a pre-programmed LED board, with a solid walnut frame, or with handmade concrete frame. For a limited time, the NYC Subway Train Sign is also available on view, in store at AC Gears.

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