RollerMouse: Increased Efficiency for your PC


Returning to the topic of ergonomics; the applied science of workplace efficiency, and comfort design, were discussing another desktop tool by workstation design company; Contour Designs. The RollerMouse is a unique take on your usual mouse and keyboard, quite literally rolled into one. While radically different than the aforementioned Unimouse in design. The comfort-focused concept remains the same, and the RollerMouse itself is just as excellent, if not more-so.

The RollerMouse, like it’s namesake has a cylindrical roller bar made of rubber at the opposite end of it’s hand rest. This bar can be slid horizontally as it rotates around a smaller metal tube. These rotations and slides, met with the visible mouse pointer on your screen feel like you’re gliding across the screen, at both a faster cursor speed, and more comfortable than finding the right surface for your everyday mouse. Rolling the rubber bar forward, and backwards serves to move your mouse pointer up, and down, respectively. Moving horizontally along the metal tube does the same on screen. While this may take many words to describe, or imagine, it only takes a flick of the bar itself to understand how the RollerMouse’s design makes surfing the web feel as smooth as butter. It also just so happens to click when pressed down, being a mildly sensitive alternative left click button, because they thought of every necessity possible.



The hand rest is a comfortable, firm, foam-like material. It acts as a sheathe for the RollerMouse and can be separated to adjust comfort for your wrist.

At the center of the RollerMouse Red are six different buttons (seven if you include the straight forward scrolling wheel’s central click). As far as buttons go, you have a left and right click, as well as a dedicated double click, copy, and paste button respectively. A small button at the top adjusts the cursor speed of the roller bar, and each one equipped with the perfect level of sensitive, further adding to its ergonomic excellence. People who are often careful with their wrist, and hands due to either damage, or age will have a much easier time in front of a computer.

The RollerMouse offers a more centralized work station, bringing your mouse and keyboard together as one, whether seeking relief from pain, an RSI (repetitive stress injuries), The RollerMouse exercises relief and comfort for your hands, making it a worthwhile investment for your office or gaming space. The RollerMouse Red comes in a regular, and plus size for palm support.

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