The Alupen: A Pen/Stylus Combo

The art of scribing is definitely a lesser utilized one today, especially in place of the common wpm (word per minute) keyboard stroke, or thumb typing on mobile phones. That being said, there’s a need for utensil enthusiasts in the digital world, which is why Just Mobile created the AluPen; to challenge the idea that penmanship isn’t a transferable skill. So if you’re a chronic note taker, artist, or utensil enthusiast, the AluPen is the pen/stylus hybrid for you and just about any capacitive touch screen, or Apple product in your arsenal.


The AluPen Pro is a rubber knib stylus on one end, and a refillable ballpoint pen on the other. The knibs response is phenomenal, and will make a lot of digital artists happy with it’s sensitivity, as you can produce fine or thick digital lines with ease, controlling the difference in pressure. The overall finish of the AluPen is a great feel as well, offering a smooth flat surface on multiple sides. It also comes with a leather carrying case.

The item’s intended uses are for Apples iPad products, but also work just as well with Apple phones, and iPods.

The AluPen is a high end, premium product, more accurate than your finger. And, while the digital age is a tough one for people who prefer the use of a pen or pencil, the styli are products to combat that, and promote your inner scribe. The AluPen particularly is crafted with comfort in mind; an Apple-centric exclusive worth the $29.95, especially if you’re a pen aficionado.


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