Music Sunday – Brock Berrigan the improved RJD2

No disrespect to RJD2 but the original chillhop/trip-hop sampling master was a bit on the gloom side.  Brock Berrigan of Englewood NJ is got that upbeat, that positive flow that makes you want to do some pull-ups or jog a few miles, right away!  We started off with Baxter, feeling like a young new boxing champion-to-be walking toward his first win.


Brock’s 2017 album Point Pleasant is more than pleasant.  Same titled track Point Pleasant is at a point of contentment but with that groove that isn’t lazy or subdued, oh no, it makes you want to do something with that pleasant feeling finally obtained.  Doing something good for the world!  Literally every track is delicious.  We thank you for this, Brock!


Now for your bonus, Owl Farm‘s got that beautiful string line for a trip-hop variant that is on the chill side but never into the territory for something darker.  Support Brock, head to his Sound Cloud page, or his official website.

Bonus 2: Crossing Paths, this track is just beautiful.


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