Reduce, Reuse, Re-Book It.


The Rocketbook Everlast is the new and arguably improved version of the original Rocket Wave Book. This original concept lets you reuse your notebook continuously by erasing the pages, after backing up your information via a cloud drive, email, or other another of the applications many systems. The original Wave version of the book utilizes your microwave to erase each page, by placing a mug of hot water on top the book as not to burn it, then vacuuming the remaining ink.

Now the company has released a version that foregoes the microwave altogether and just uses water and a cloth instead — all of the magic, with none of the added hassle to your electric bill. The 32-36 page (smaller and larger) formats are a “waterproof synthetic poly blend,” which means when written on with the used Pilot Frixion line of pens can be wiped off consistently without ware. It can only be used with a wet towel — unaffected by rubbing or skin contact. The erasable ink of the Frixion pen comes off the page completely with a water, and a little elbow grease. An erase also works just as well if you need to make necessary edits before uploading. As with the original version, the cloud, or application in which your notes are stored, can be customized and selected by allocating them to a specific icon at the bottom of the page. The full list includes Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Slack, and your email address.


The products design was funded earlier last year via kickstarter, and this newer version had a similar funding beginning at the latter end of 2016 and ending in January 2017.

Since the ink from the Frixion pen takes a moment to stick, left-handers will have to be careful not to smudge their notes when writing in the beginning. Also, leaving the ink on the page for more than two months may leave a faint outline of your work, so it’s important to keep the page clean frequently. If you’re more of a scribe, and for a relatively inexpensive $34 dollars, you can save yourself a bit of money. Rather thank constantly purchasing notebooks, or bi annual to annual Rocket Wave Books, this newer version offers even greater longevity, and this time without a microwave.

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