Orbit Will Find Your Things


Since the 80’s we’ve been living in an age of commodities – we love our stuff – literally, and that’s OK. Our cell phones store memories in the form of pictures and videos – applications used by those phones keep us interconnected – and our wallet’s store significant personal information. In that sense, it’s not entirely ludicrous when losing a wallet or phone to feel something akin to losing a friend. With our memories, and feelings, intrinsically linked to everyday commodities, there’s been an increasing need for item security. The dynamic duo at HButler have developed something around that public need in their Orbit Remote Bluetooth Finder. Comprised of spouses Ana Slavka and Stephan Kljajic, their creation manages to combine that need for item security with a family a design that makes the Orbit a fabulous, versatile apparel.

Orbit is essentially a family of Bluetooth trackers for a variety of common portable items. It’s models can be attached to anything ranging from your a purse, to a pair of glasses. You can learn the location of your lost or hidden item in a matter of seconds using the free app. The Orbit uses Bluetooth connectivity with a range of 30m(100ft). If disconnected, your Orbit shows the connected item’s last known GPS location on the map.


If your Orbit is obscured, or hidden nearby, the application can make it ring. Pressing the face button on your Orbit makes your phone ring, even on silent.

The standard Orbit models come in the shape of a round key-chain, kind of reminiscent of a car remote for your keys. There’s a side button as well that functions as a one click shot for taking selfies and group shots. The selfie function is not available on all Orbit models, but would be a pretty neat for a future glasses attachment.

While there are many trackers on the market, few fit as seamlessly into your style, and come in as many forms as The Orbit.

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