Music Sunday – Poom and The Origin of Sexy


On this raining and lazy Halloween Weekend Sunday let us fly to the realm of romance and indulge in some incredibly sexy grooves.  Released only in July 2017, Adagio by Poom currently has just a little over 10,000 views on Youtube.  Listen to the track below and let that sink in.



The song is so sexy anyone with the faintest concept of sexy should instantly fall in love.  The French duo Camille Ferrera and Siegfried de Turckheim has some incredibly sexy tracks under their wings.  Yes we have said incredible and sexy a few times now.  The adjectives are not trite, but true.



Next up we have De La Vitesse A L’Ivresse (From Speed to Drunkness) and the sounds are just incredibly sexy.  Too much indeed.  That romantic language combined with French Horn playing in the background, created such a soul-melting imagery of you and your lover leaving Paris for Normandy in a classic Mercedes (suitable for film scene in any time period to eternity).  And for those like myself that took 2 years of French way back in high school we needed to turn on the caption.  And when you do, you’ll realize how incredibly sexy and morbid the lyrics are.  Don’t drink and drive guys.  But that is the ultimate French sexy, including death, we get it.  Bravo, thou art the origin of sexy.



Poom can sing in English too, so here’s a bonus, Face the Fire.  Them fresh electro-disco grooves got us from a lazy Sunday on the down-low to sexy after this post is written, incredible.

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