RHA Wireless MA600i & MA750i: A Leap to the Future

When it comes to engineering consumer and professional quality audio products, RHA has been at the top of their game since the company’s conception in 2011. Like many other top-shelf pro-audio brands, RHA’s philosophy is centered on impeccable engineering and design; using premium-grade materials like CL1 ceramic, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel, RHA’s designs draw inspiration from a variety of sources from centuries-old musical instruments to space shuttles. RHA products are not about providing a sound profile that’s best suited for a narrow spectrum of music: their mission is to reproduce sound as accurately as possible across all genres. From concept to creation, the question RHA always asks themselves is “what can we do better?”


The original RHA MA750i’s and MA600i’s were always a smart choice for anybody looking to step up their earphone game at an entry-level price. The custom-fitted 320.1 dynamic driver on the MA600i’s delivers a full sound with a robust bass (a bit more than one would get from Etymotics, and more focused than Beyerdynamic BT’s), while the 560.1 dynamic driver on the MA750i’s delivers a fuller sound and even more nuanced transients with a tighter, punchier bass (plus it also has the nifty little curve in the wire that allows you to fasten it behind your ear). Both earphones feature RHA’s patented Aerophonic design (which is a feature only available in the MA series), which prevents unnecessary reverberations and distortions as sound travels from cable to driver to ear. For the music lover on a budget, it’s hard to go wrong with a good pair of MA600i’s or MA750i’s. It’s been a few years since these earphones came out, and now we must ask ourselves the same question RHA would: “how can this be better?”


With major smartphone manufacturers (looking at you, Apple) phasing out the audio jack from their devices, wireless functionality is now all but necessary in the modern earphone market. Many manufacturers including Shure and V-Moda are now creating wireless iterations of their analog models, and RHA is no exception. 4 years after the original release of the 600i and 750i, RHA has created the wireless versions of their two most consumer-friendly earphones and dubbed them the Wireless MA650i and the Wireless MA750i. Both of these wireless earphones have the same construction principles and audio drivers as their analog counterparts; the only difference between the old and the new is the added wireless functionality. Of course, as with the original models, the Wireless MA750i’s driver provides a fuller and more nuanced sound than its cheaper twin, but no steps are lost in translating their analog designs to wireless; these are RHA earphones through and through. The only added limitation is the 12 hour battery life.

RHA has made their way to the forefront of the consumer and professional audio industry by enforcing their stringent engineering and design protocols on all of their products. While the original MA600i’s and MA750i’s are a statement to their founding principles, the wireless models represent their leap into the future. Sleek, fashionable, and functional: for the sophisticated music connoisseur, RHA is the Calvin Klein of the earphone industry.

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