Music Sunday – PREP and the Secret Pleasure from the Cheapest Flight


The most expensive is not guaranteed to be the best, and the cheapest does not mean it is the worst.  Instead, it is all based on how the mind observes it.  So when we observed Cheapest Flight by the London based PREP, we know we have found a gem.

Cheapest Flight’s title is bold, and the lyrics are liberating.  Getting away isn’t all that hard, just turn the mind to something smooth and sexy, a little funky disco hybrid pink and purple R&B track like this one and you are on the way to a softer world.  You get the point.  The track is part of PREP’s new Futures EP with 4 tracks: Futures, Sunburn Through The Glass, Cheapest Flight, Who’s Got You Singing Again.


Futures is decent, but Who’s Got You Singing Again is great.  It got us singing again and playing it on repeat too.  The band shows a lot of promise with their retro new-age R&B pop and so it’s time to give them some support and follow them on Instagram.



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