Shure SE215 Wireless: Continuation of a Promise

It’s inspiring to see how Shure has evolved from making simple radio kits in 1925 to manufacturing quality audio equipment for both consumers and professionals today. With a background in creating specialized microphones for the military, Shure has become a seasoned producer of durable, functional, and reasonably priced products. Shure was and is present in many high-profile events including: when Elvis recorded an album at Sun Studios, when JFK announced that a man was going to the moon, the GRAMMY’s, and Oval Office announcements. Their mission from the beginning has always been to be “the most trusted audio brand worldwide,” and their endeavors have propelled them to the frontrunner position of that race.


The original Shure SE215’s are designed to deliver a rich sound and personalized comfort at an entry-level price. The Dynamic MicroDriver (unique from the standard dual drivers used in most earphones) produces a bass-tastic sound profile with a surprisingly wide soundstage. The robust sound of the earphones is comparable to over-ear headphones of similar and more expensive price points (like the V-MODA LP2). Many earphones like to labor under the myth that “one size fits all,” but the SE215’s do not; the fit kit is made in collaboration with Sensaphonics, a brand dedicated to providing custom in-ear monitoring solutions for musicians. The memory foam ear tips are comfortable to wear, eventually molding to the shape of your ear if worn consistently. A well-fitted ear-tip should block about 37db of outside sound, allowing for unparalleled noise isolation. A variety of foam sizes along with the ergonomically designed earpiece ensures a good fit for anybody.


The new SE215 Wireless Earphone offers the same sound quality expected from the original SE215, along with the same ergonomic fit kit, Dynamic Microdriver, and earpiece design. In fact, the only significant difference between the SE215’s and the SE215 Wireless is the fact that the newer model is wireless. With the new wireless capabilities come a host of new functions including: a 3-button control for controlling music and answering calls, and multi-point Bluetooth pairing for listening between multiple devices at a time. For the fashionistas, the SE215 Wireless also includes two more color varieties (white and blue).


Shure has a long history of creating professional and consumer-quality products, and the new SE215 is a continuation of their promise to become the most trusted audio brand worldwide. With the additional functions granted by wireless capabilities, Shure has refined the original SE215 into a sleek earphone for the modern age. If you’re looking for a comfortable wireless earphone with a rich and robust sound profile at a reasonable price, the SE215 Wireless should be your first stop (from there you can upgrade to the 315’s, 535’s, or even the coveted 846’s).


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