Crossfade 2 Wireless: V-Moda’s Crown Jewel

Building on V-MODA’s already solid reputation of creating quality products for DJ’s and producers, the Crossfade 2 Wireless is the new flagship of V-MODA’s headphone line. V-MODA headphones, while they may be a niche brand to some, are the holy grail of the bedroom DJ/producer world. The amount of respect V-MODA pays to the craftsmanship and sound quality of their products makes any V-MODA headphone a fashionable choice from warehouse DJ parties in Brooklyn to walking through the streets of Milan (which is where V-MODA is based).

V-MODA headphones are designed like stylish sportscar coupes, but they are built more like rugged tanks (if tanks could wear all black); they are capable of surviving all kinds of punishment including but not limited to high drops and beer spillage. With over 13 years of experience in producing quality products such as the original Crossfades and the M100’s, the new V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless is the crowning jewel of V-MODA’s pursuit of headphone perfection. Notable improvements on the previous wireless model include new Bliss memory foam pads (the same material used in modern memory-foam mattresses) on the ear cups, which makes the comfort of these headphones synonymous with more expensive B&O models, the same “cliqfold” function that the M100’s have, and more expansive customization options. Want a headphone custom engraved with your brand? It’s possible with V-MODA. 

The V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless is constructed with the same lightweight and durable materials that all V-MODA headphones share. These materials include aircraft-grade metal, kevlar, and their signature Steel Flex™ headband which is virtually indestructible in addition to being highly flexible. Val Kolton (CEO of V-MODA) has spent upwards of 5 years cultivating his ear cup design; He wanted a form that was low-profile and fashionable as well as functional, and the solution became the unique hexagon shape that is now instantly recognizable as V-MODA. The unique, chic. and simple style of these headphones make it so they will never look out of place, not even on a spaceship. 

With crisp highs, creamy mids, and robust lows, this headphone is ideal for connoisseurs of the electronic and hip-hop scene. Of course, that doesn’t mean that other genres are left in the dust: the 3D soundstage provides an immersive listening experience for all kinds of music. Various musicians of various backgrounds including the Chainsmokers, the Crystal Method, and the legendary Giorgio Moroder have committed to using V-MODA products in their live performances and in the studio. 


The quality and craftsmanship of V-MODA’s headphones is not the only remarkable thing the company has achieved: the company also has an unparalleled customer support system. Each V-MODA headphone comes with a 1-2 year warranty that guarantees repair or replacement if your V-MODA’s break or get damaged in any way. V-MODA also has an immortal life program, which means that if your headphones break or accumulate damage outside the warranty period, V-MODA will provide a 50% coupon towards a purchase of a comparable headphone model.

Overall, the new Crossfade 2 Wireless is a culmination of V-MODA’s experience in design and engineering, a hearty toast to the company’s present and future in creating award-winning headphones.  

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