Music Sunday – mtbrd and the smoovy beats

Hailing from Cheshire UK, mtbrd brings R&B infused funk beats compiled altogether in colorful and delicious grooves quite unique in their own soundscape.  There isn’t much literature covered on this musician so we will do the justice by showcasing some of our favorite mtbrd tunes.  The first is Shawts, with Urban Dictionary defining the term as “the usually discarded portion of your cigarettes most often having only 3 or 4 drags left until it starts to smell like the butt is burning.”

Shawts is short, but the drags are strong.  So it certainly serves its purpose well.



Next up we have Girl Next Door, the definition of a dream that is so close and yet so unattainable.  But here the Girl Next Door delivers it, without hesitation, a delicious groove that is instantly addictive to your ears.  Bravo Girl!



So mtbrd released its Smoovy album thanks to Youtube, available all for you to listen.  It’s not Smoothy, Smoovy, ladies and gentlemen.  It’s got that colorful funk to it, so Smoovy is certainly appropriate.  Enjoy!


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