The Beoplay E4: Palm Sized, Noise Cancellation

The Beoplay E4 are a solid pair of earphones, bringing noise canceling capabilities into a more compact form. Bang & Ofulsen started the brand Beoplay in an attempt to market their luxury designs and sound to a younger audience. B&O’s first earbuds; the H3, are the E4’s predecessor — known for their precise metal crafted back, warmer than neutral sound, and good bass response. Ultimately, while the H3  holds a very natural sound, that the E4 retains similarly, it leans a bit more towards the bassier side of sound. Coupled with the noise canceling feature, which offers up to 20 hours of ANC (active noise canceling) playtime per charge, the E4 is a unique headphone in an under-saturated market.

Other features such as a gesture activated Transparency Mode will turn the music off and allows you to immediately become aware of  your surroundings. Using the same gesture turns the ANC on, and resumes your music. The noise canceling itself is quite good, and aims to compete with the ever popular Bose whose name have become synonymous with noise-canceling in the headphone world.



The E4 has a superior build quality is enforced by a reassuring 2 year warranty. Most of the earpiece rests on your ear, and like the H3 allows for external noise, when the ANC is not in use. The ANC however adds a bit of weight to the product and is inside a box located at the base of the headphones chord, near it’s jack, while the 3-button control land somewhere in the middle. While the box may have benefited from a clip pocket clip, this is an easy accessory to find with some searching.

Ultimately Beoplay has taken great lengths to offer something for a wide variety of audiences, the E4 hits the middle ground in terms of price and functionality. While it’s brothers the H3’s purpose are to be a more affordable option, and the new E8 offer wireless bluetooth functionality, E4 hit’s that niche audience who have been consistently looking for a stylish pair of earbuds that block outside noise, and minus the slightly weightier build they do their job fairly well. While the extra weight is noticeable, we like that it shows something there.

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