Morph: Nature’s Acoustics

Taking a very minimalist approach to sound amplification, the Morph team and their acoustic wooden speakers add a more “natural”, and wire-free surround sound to your favorite spaces. These speakers are made from 100% reclaimed wood, giving depth and volume to your iPhone, or any slim android device housing a base speaker vent — all done while also being as green, and eco-friendly as a company can be.

By using a hollow, finely carved sound hole, the same amplification principals applied to an acoustic guitar string, Morph’s speakers blow up the sound produced by your phone with surprisingly effective results, at least doubling it’s volume.

These non-electric speakers are ideal for a small rooms, giving spacious sound for a budget of under $30. Morph is the first company to market such a product, innovating the market, saving both the environment, and your wallet from decay.

While Morph’s speakers are innovative step towards sustainability, they’re also quite the success story. Morph creator Ellis Swanson has come a long way from being a woodwork project on a small apartment balcony in Texas to a business.



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