The Beoplay P2: Elegant, Affordable, Button-Free

Self-expression is the art of bringing internalized thoughts from your mind to the realm of reality – creating a look and feel that’s not always unique, but is certainty your own. How others interpret what we wish to convey on the other hand, might be a different story – take the Danish originated company Bang and Olfusen (B&O), famous for their quality loud speakers and various other contributions to the audio world. While some other companies take a more minimalist approach to aesthetic for their audio product, B&O’s sleek and striking designs are easy on the eyes, but their luxurious feel can be intimidating, especially when taking a look at some of the prices attached to their higher end headphones or speakers. Despite their products suave, sophisticated look, B&O set out to prove with their new portable speaker that anyone can be luxurious, self-expressive, and elegant without leaving your wallet devastated.

Introducing the smooth, crisp, and powerfully sounding Beoplay P2; a testament to both sound and design theory. This speaker is a statement that says their designs are more about the art of Feng Shui – rather than being a stagnant luxury piece, B&O is all about bringing decor anywhere with you.

The P2’s $169 dollar price undercuts it’s predecessor; the A1 by a decent margin and offers a number of features unique to it, while coming in the limited by thought out trio palettes of sandy stone, black, and royal blue. Setting up the speaker is a simple process; you can either use the standard Bluetooth connection with any device, or you can download the Beoplay app, which controls the speaker through customizable taps and shakes, Making the speaker control scheme adaptable to your own personal taste, and self-expression. The application is recommended for use, as it will learning the speaker inside and out, while also sporting a battery life indicator, and software updates as well.

To play or pause your music, you can double tap the speaker grill – a feeling that, while may take some getting used to, is undeniably an interesting and cool feature. You can also use the double tap feature to control your digital assistant, making your non-touch control scheme purely verbal. Using the built in speaker, you can choose playlists, skip songs, and more.

As far as sound the spearker is mono – sporting a single tweeter, alongside a more mid-range driver. The mid-range is stellar, while also offering a good amount of low mids. The bass is not only surprisingly powerful for its size, but also rich, and relatively powerful compared to most other speakers of its size. The warm sound is really enjoyable for a day on the beach; especially considering the speakers grill isn’t threatened by sand.

B&O’s motto stems from a Danish term that means “honest music reproduction”. The tightly packed quality and innovation on all fronts it’s no surprise speakers like the P2 has such a blowout sound, with such an inexpensive price tag, the company has also began a partnership with HP and became the sole sound system for their line of computers and laptops proving their innovation might stick around for quite some time.


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