Skybuds: Ample Features, Wire Free

Heads have been turning towards a newer, sleeker design for Bluetooth earbuds this year. Ever since the release of the iPhone 7 models and the Apple Airpods that came with them. One positive innovation that arose from the bold, yet ill-received removal of the iPhone’s audio jack however, would be the technology that followed; it sparked some healthy competition in the audio market technologically, setting a new trend for the kind of earbuds that are truly wireless.

Prior designs of older Bluetooth Earbuds utilize the practicality of a wire which tethers one ear piece to its parent bud; a design that, while is effective, just isn’t as sleek, sexy, or innovative, some would argue. Among a number competing brands, one such competitors — Alpha Audiotronics stands out by creating their durable, and unique take on this style titled the Skybuds, which also fly fairly well on the audio spectrum.


What sets the Skybuds apart from their competitors specifically — are their NFMI (Near-Field Magnetic Induction) communication system; a short-ranged, physical layer that communicates by coupling a magnetic field between devices. The implementation of this system, coupled with Bluetooth makes for some impressively strong and stable wireless connections; they’re arguably the best on the current market in this regard as far earbuds go. While the chord of prior Bluetooth earbuds are undeniably pragmatic, the Skybuds make up for the decrease in visibility, but offering some other unique features which include: water and sweat resistance, passive noise cancellation, multiple tip sizes — for the best fit possible, and a digital microphone for anytime calls. Each earbud also has a one-touch button that you can use to skip tracks or answer phone calls, and their meticulous design offers the listener a ‘twist-and-lock’ motion to fit comfortably in just about any ear whether, on-the-go, for jogging or exercising of any sort.


While the powerful connectivity of the conjoined NFMI and Bluetooth signals are one of the Skybuds best qualities, it’s the Skydock that draws attention; a super sleek carrying case that comes with it, makes the 4 hour listening time a non-issue. When the buds aren’t being used, a momentary slip into the Skydock recharges them while sitting in your pocket during idle time. The combined charge time of  the Skybuds and their dock offers a whopping 24 hours collective play time.


Using  the application is useful for getting the best connection possible, but not necessary. The dev team however, put a number of additional unique features for the consumers pleasure, a “Find my Skybuds” portion of the application allows you to detect their location should any become lost, including the dock; choose between Proximity and Location modes. The former mode finder uses a close, near, far and very far range setting which narrows their potential location with fair accuracy, the latter alters you of the point the buds or dock were before going out of Bluetooth range. The app also let’s you know the remaining power within each bud.

When it comes to sound the buds are a little on the brighter side of the spectrum, but balance out with a decent boom that isn’t too bass heavy, but not lacking either. There’s no doubt that the Skybuds have some innovative technology going for them, solid wireless connection, and a surprisingly sturdy build for something so light and small; the definitive wireless earbuds.



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